Privacy Policy

Basic Information for Users- is committed for the privacy of information to our esteemed members of this matrimony website. Please note that we have all the right to use, collect disclose and store the information in the interest of the safety and security of our user's data. Further, the privacy policy of is all about the privacy of its hundreds of users. At the same time, it is visible to all users at all time. The above privacy policy (along with different terms and conditions as per other documents) is precisely based on the data that we have collected from our prestigious members. It can also be the data provided by our members as well. At our end, we are free to process all this data for our own research and evaluation purpose. Now, as soon as you agree to the services and products offered by us in any way or medium, you simply tend to give us the permission on your behalf so that we are free to use this data or information that you have provided to us. This happens to be in the confirmation according to this privacy policy along with the terms & conditions set by us at any point of time.

Information that we collect:

Please note that mainly collects 2 kinds of data:

Personal Information (PI) - This kind of information solely represents you and helps us to know more about your own individuality.

Non Personal Information (NPI) - It primarily consists of information that does not belong to you. Such kind of information is also referred as sensitive personal data.

Now, please go through the next section that clearly describes how both personal and non-personal information of any of our members is collected by us. It will also help you understand how we use this information to help you find your most compatible soul mate.

There are possibilities that we may gather all your data, affiliations and targets. While doing so, we may even go ahead and utilize our web page examination to recover all the data from your program. Likewise, we also gather some other kind of data that your program actually sends to each and every page. This may include your IP address including your program type and vernacular and your website page address.

How we use and collect information

Log files

We do collect every kind of information especially after you visit our website in question. There are a few things that are analyzed at the time of accessing our website including your browse type, IP address, exit pages, number of clicks, platform date and type, and pages referred. All the above given factors are mainly used to gauge different things like administering the website, evaluating the ongoing trend along with the ways to keep the exact movement of your visitors.

All such information can be used to keep a track of your visitors and also to collect all your basic demographic information as well. In the same ways, we can use all the above information to know which part of our portal is going most popular.

Registration/ subscription questionnaires

Once you register with our matrimonial services, we instantly gather a lot of vital and crucial information about you. This helps in knowing about your identity to our systems in place. At the same time, all such information about you is used to find an exact and most compatible match for you. This is done mainly for a long lasting relationship with you. Please know that your personality profile is generally built on the answers or reply that you choose to give. We use this profile in getting our 'Match-Me' service in order to give you our best matrimonial suggestions.

Please note that all the info you provide us through any such questionaire are kept with utmost confidentiality. At the same time, a user is free to share his/her personal info with other users by simply altering the settings in his privacy page.

Purchase Information

Apart from other kind of services, our website also offers a kind of subscriber based service who are looking to find their deal soul mates. They can also be individuals who are willing to purchase our product or services at the same time. That's the reason we do collect any such information to confirm any such subscription or services that may include some other services like phone number, billing details, credit card details and shipping details.

Aggregate information

We do collect several type of info from our esteemed clients like their age, name, religion, weight, height, etc. All the above information that we collect helps us in getting the right matrimonial alliance for you. We do this with the help of the data that we receive at the time of registering to our website. Now, when you join our wedding portal and confirm your registration with us, you give us all the right to disclose this information to any of the esteem member who is getting our services in any way.

At the same time, most users are also allowed to supply us their recent videos or pictures to share them online. Now, when you share any such information with us, we solely use it to help you find the most compatible match for matrimonial purpose.

Phone calls and Emails

Each subscriber who joins us afresh has to submit his basic details like phone number and email. Once you jon us by using your email address, you receive a notification by us on your email address. We use this email address to keep sending you the right matrimonial suggestions.

For all our subscribers, we do send our newsletters that are also sent on your registered email address with us. In the same ways, we use your email address to also notify you about our recent developments in our matrimonial services, latest events or any other information. In case, if any of our subscriber wants to simply stop all the notifications, he can simply opt out from notifications from settings.

At the same time, our team can also reach you on the phone number that you have given to us. If you do not wish to be contacted by us thriugh phone calls, you can always contact us through email or any other mode that you like to be contacted.

Online survey data

Please note that we frequently conduct surveys internally. That’s why; we want to encourage every member to actively participate in any of the surveys that we conduct from time to time. This is due to the fact that the feedback that we receive from our members helps us to know about our services. And this is how we get to know the possibility of any improvement in our services.

Disclosure of information to third parties

Disclosure to third party

As we explained above that we might share the PI by you, or by any of the third party service providers who are directly or indirectly associated to us. Please note that PI will be kept secret to us by any third party in question.

Therefore, we want to get your consent in this regard either through phone call or email. In case, if you want to stop these facilities, you can opt out from such service at any time.

Security simply uses high standard security services mainly to ensure the kind of safety and security of millions of our users that we have. At the same time, we also carry some of our extensive advancements to ensure that there is absolutely no loss or any kind of misuse of our information. We also make sure from our end that the information we receive from users via Internet remains safe and secure. Still, we can't give 100% assurance to all our members for any kind of data lapse.

Privacy Policy Acceptance

If you have any kind of dispute regarding the privacy of your data, you can use our services as per our terms and conditions in this regard.

In case, we update any sort of changes in our policy, we will update you the same and will notify you in advance. If you still want to access our services in any way, it means you solely accept our privacy policy in this regard.